Monday, January 29, 2018
Regulation and legislation of swimming pools in neighboring communities
Many neighborhood communities enjoy an extra service due to having a swimming pool in their urbanization. In it you can relax and sunbathe and disconnect from the problems of daily life. The pool is also a great attraction for children who have a great time but sometimes it can become a reason for discussion between neighbors. What are the regulations that should be followed?The pools are a luxury for their owners since the price of a house with a pool is double that of a house that does not have one. On the other hand having a pool will greatly increase the cost of community, approximately 57% more. The royal decree 742/2013 is the one that explains the technical-sanitary criteria of the swimming pools. In principle it is responsible for making a distinction between pools for public use and private use.


Those for public use are those intended for the public or a specific group of users. Within these we find those pools of spas or spas and also those found in hotels and other types of tourist accommodation. Those of private use are those that are found in single-family homes and those that are in communities of owners.Regarding the rules in the swimming pools of neighboring communities each autonomous community has established a different legislation and we must add the municipal ordinances in this regard. It is important that there is an internal regulation that is in a place in sight of all the neighbors in which schedules, capacity and conditions of use are specified.Every year before reopening the pool it is advisable that a check be made to check that everything is in good condition and there are no imperfections that could endanger the health of the bathers. In the pools in neighboring communities will be the neighbors themselves responsible for everything to work properly to avoid health risks and ensure that there is health in the facilities.According to the Horizontal Property Law, it is not obligatory that civil liability insurance be contracted in case some swimmer suffers some mishap but it is recommended. If there was any damage due to the negligence of the community, it would be the community itself that should be responsible for the compensation. Minors must be under the supervision of an adult at all times and the option of hiring a lifeguard would be based on the number of homes in the community.The elements that are used to protect bathers as lifeguards should be available to everyone and in good condition in case they are needed. Also, do not forget that smoking is prohibited in areas that are intended for children.


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