Monday, October 30, 2017
The 21st edition of the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP) puts its eyes on the millennial
From October 18 to 22, the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP), held in Pavilion 8 of the Montjuïc Exhibition Center, has taken place as the only professional and international real estate exhibition in Spain. Despite the political uncertainty, the number of visitors and purchases has increased.It has already become a classic in the Spanish trade fair calendar, the Barcelona Meeting Point, the only Spanish and international real estate exhibition in Spain, which since its founding in 1997 has become a must-have event in the sector every fall.Organized by the Consorcio ZF Internacional SAU, offers the opportunity for five days, offers the possibility of contacting the most relevant personalities of the sector, detecting investment opportunities, obtaining financing for a project, learning about the latest trends in the real estate industry, Find investors for a specific product ... that is, doing business.BMP consists of two distinct parts: the Exhibition Hall and the International Symposium. On the one hand, the Exhibition Hall is a space where the visitor can contemplate the latest projects and services of companies related to real estate. Or what is the same, from promoters, public institutions, intermediaries, project management companies, real estate managers, architects, construction companies, technical magazines, engineers, consultants and law firms, investor societies, financial entities, real estate portals, professional associations , insurance companies, etc., with national and international presence.At the same time, the Barcelona Meeting Point offers the possibility that the interested party finds all kinds of real estate products and services for personal or investment use, including first and second homes for commercial premises, offices and parking spaces, industrial buildings, solar or single or semi-detached houses, rental and purchase properties ...On the other hand, the International Symposium, already consolidated as one of the most prestigious in Europe with more than 30 sessions in which the most current issues of the real estate market are addressed thanks to the presence of more than 100 national and international speakers of outstanding prestige . Also the BMP organized different events such as the Cena de los Líderes del Sector Inmobiliario, "The Cigars and Beach Party", Breakfasts and Exclusive Lunches, for high level entrepreneurs in the sector.

2017 edition

In spite of the political situation, the good data has accompanied the 21st edition of the Barcelona Meeting Point (BMP), with a growth in number of visits and in closed operations, which in turn confirms the expected rise in the real estate sector. In particular, 34,000 visits have passed through him, a thousand more than the editionprevious According to the organization's data, 10% of these visitors have made a purchase of a property or will carry it out in the coming weeks. "The satisfaction of the participating companies is still widespread, which demonstrates the BMP's effectiveness," said the State's special delegate at the Zona Franca Consortium and president of the Barcelona Meeting Point, Jordi Cornet

Challenges of the sector

During the last year, 400,000 homes were sold, returning to precarious levels although the lack of "social housing" is one of the demands of the sector which translates into rising prices and problems of access to housing. In addition, international demand also remains important, up to 70% of the invested capital being of foreign origin, so it is important to keep these good figures.Another challenge of the real estate sector is digitization. And, the sector is taking on new habits and is adapting to new social needs, to the new millennial generations that access an apartment for the first time. We have talked about concepts such as PropTech or the incorporation of technology into the real estate, the new affordable housing and rent, the greater weight of women in the decisions ... And in Inmotecnia Rent, which has collected the new technologies in the sector .


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