Friday, April 20, 2018
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In a community of owners it is inevitable that expenses accumulate. And these will depend on the size of the community and the needs it requires for its maintenance. Changing the boiler, for example, can help you cut costs among other things like these ...How have we spent more money at the end of the year in terms of maintaining the community of owners? Let's start enumerating: 1. Electricity. 2. Cleaning. 3. Elevator. 4. Gas. 5. Boilers. 6. Cleaning. 7. Spills ... And so the list can be infinite. Especially if we live in communities of larger owners with more services to enjoy but also to maintain.Saving should be a priority for all the neighborhood community and its main representatives, the farm administrator and the president, if there is one, should know how to do it. These tips to cut costs in a community of owners can help a lot. We can help you, at least, in one. Take note!

Save on heating

In buildings with central heating, the cost of fuel can account for about half of annual expenses. In addition, we must add the electricity and maintenance costs of the installation. Have you thought about changing the boiler and choosing a more efficient boiler? CONTACT US !

Save on electricity

Undoubtedly, betting on the LED light will be noticeable at the end of the year in the expenditure destined to light in the communities of owners. This type of light spends up to 9 times less than traditional light. One tip is to install presence detectors on the landings and change the classic light bulbs by LED.

Save in the elevator

Having an elevator is a comfort but, of course, you have to pay for maintenance and breakdowns. That's why nothing better than reading carefully the offers and conditions of the different companies. According to the Organization of Consumers and Users (OCU), the difference can be up to 15%. One tip is that if there are several elevators in your community of owners, unifying the emergency telephone lines is a saving.

Save on staff

Another of the tips to cut costs in a community of owners is that if it is small, it may be the president himself who is responsible for administrative tasks, also thanks to tools for community managementof existing owners. If you live in a large community, I study fees, because there are price differences of up to 60%.

Save on repairs

Repairs are the order of the day in a community of owners. How to save in this regard? Replace having several companies for each type of repair and opt for a general service company that also usually offer solutions to save on cleaning. All in one!

Save on insurance

Insurance takes a good part of the budget of a community of owners. You can cut costs simply by comparing and with time before the deadline between different companies expires. You can save up to 50%.


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