Friday, October 6, 2017
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Save on back to school: 10 tips to put into practice
For many families, the real cost of January takes place during the month of September. Why? Undoubtedly, for the extra expenses to be dealt with on the occasion of the return to school. Saving is therefore fundamental and we can carry it out from home in situations as typical as these ...A Spanish average family with their children studying in a public school will spend this new school year 2017/2018 an average of 838 euros for each small, according to data made public by the Federation of Users-Independent Consumers (FUCI). A figure that can even increase if the son or daughter are going to do some extra school activity or if the school is arranged (the average figure for students in private schools may even be up to three times higher). Saving becomes essential at home home, how to get it?Carrying out a series of practices and new habits will help to streamline these expenses better. And not only in terms of expenses of the school, but also in other aspects of the smallest in the house. Take note!
  1. Free textbooks. Thanks to social networks, there are pages like these where you can get free textbooks, even exchanging copies of other courses with other families by mail.
  2. Recycle clothing. Something as normal as passing clothes from generation to generation can be a real economic relief for many families. Even from cousins ??to cousins.
  3. Keep school supplies. Why publish school materials if last year is still in good condition? To save on the return to school is to overcome some fancy.
  4. Discounts in stationery. There are bookstores and stationery that offer special discounts for being a member or to make depends on what you buy. Stationery always offers facilities in this regard.
  5. Offers. Take heed of the 3 x 2 and similar offers you can find, and your children will be able to share school supplies saving on total expenses.
  6. Healthy snacks. Industrial bakery is not only bad for health, but also more expensive than healthy snacks such as fruit or a small piece of bread with sausage.
  7. LED bulbs. Change the bulb of the flexo or the room of your son by LED bulbs. Now you will spend more hours studying and therefore increase energy expenditure at home.
  8. Reduction of hours dedicated to video games. The first thing is the studies, try that your little one foments the taste by the reading or the traditional game. And in the meantime you'll save on electricity.
  9. Buy staggered. Do not spend everything at once, try to buy little by little. Acquire what your child or children need as the occasion arises and you will spend every x time a little.
  10. Outdoor Plans. When arriving the weekend, your children deserve a rest and enjoy the leisure. A cinema, for example, never comes bad but there are also plenty of outdoor plans to carry out.


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