Friday, November 23, 2018
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9 trends in apartment renovations in 2019
Reforming a flat is something that never goes out of style. In fact, it is not only a way to save money in the purchase of a home (because everyone knows that you save more by buying an apartment to reform and reforming it than a finished one) but also an excellent business for many people.But not all reforms are the same or all are done in the same way. In other times, for example, the gotelé was the latest fashion. However, in our days the general tendency is to remove it completely. Thus, there are many trends in floor reforms that are in vogue in 2019 and that will make the apartment sell much better. In this article we tell you one by one the most popular floor reforms for 2019.9 trends in apartment renovations in 2019
  1. Remove the gotelé: The gotelé has the days counted. It is not exclusive of 2019 but in 2019 it will be more intensely. One of the most popular reforms in floor renovations in recent years is to remove this type of wall decoration to install instead flat walls much more modern and adapted to the times.
  2. Pull partitions: Another of the most popular reforms in the reform of flats is to throw partitions. Spanish families have fewer and fewer children and the American trend of "loft-like" houses has been imposed. As a result, there are many apartments where, when reforming, large and merged spaces are looked for.
  3. Solo kitchens: Contrary to what you may think, in the reform of flats the tendency now is not to bet on American kitchens fully integrated in the living room and dining room, but for isolated kitchens. This is preferred by the fumes and fat that comes off cooking. Perhaps an American kitchen is more beautiful, but, clearly, it is less functional.
  4. Dispense with the washing machine: With the emergence of the laundry business, the washing machine has ceased to be important when it comes to renovating a floor. More and more families are deciding to use this space for something else.
  5. Fusing the dining room: Within the tendency to create loft spaces, one of the most successful things to reform floors is to integrate the dining room either with the kitchen or with the living room.
  6. Parquet: Parquet remains the most demanded type of floor during floor renovations. It is not uncommon to replace the coolest tile with parquet or floating flooring.
  7. Radiant floor: Another of the major trends in floor reform is the installation of underfloor heating, compared to other less aesthetic heating systems such as heating with standard radiators.
  8. Bathrooms with light: As far as possible, many renovations of flats seek to make the bathroom cease to be the dark place that in many occasions is to have a window and be a pleasant place.
  9. Adjustable lights: Another trend in floor remodeling is the installation of lights that can alter the brightness to play much more with the environments.


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