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The Brand was founded in 1967 by a group of promoters and builders of Sant Cugat betting on a future residential city.


Javier Pérez del Pulgar Roig assumes the ownership of the company and decides to conclude the promotion and construction activity to start operating as a service company dedicated exclusively to the real estate sector.


It was decided to divide the Farm Administration services and the Intermediation services that were located in the Plaza del Monasterio. Therefore, the Administration services moved to Francesc Moragas street 17-19, in a place of almost 600m2 where the development of the activities of farm management and central services could be carried out with much more comfort for customers. Without losing the corporate unit, it was possible to adapt, customize and optimize the services, making them grow in parallel.


Organ has a quality management system in accordance with the UNE-EN ISO 9001 standard, which is still being updated. Thus, it is guaranteed that with the growth of the organization, the services offered meet the highest quality standards for both the client and the suppliers and collaborators. The objective is to consolidate a system of customer satisfaction and continuous improvement.


Organ decided to centralize the services of Sant Cugat unifying the Octavià Plaza office to the renovated and enlarged central office.
It was possible to optimize two services that were 500 meters away and give more facilities to our customers. At the same time, to bet on expanding the service radius by opening a Service Point in Rubí to be closer to the customers.


The company is transforming into the second family generation and Javier Pérez del Pulgar Clavell assumes the company’s General Management. Thus, ORGAN is still preparing for the new times, reaffirming its position and growth in the sector. The Legal Services are also incorporated and a new Investment Consultancy department opens.


Innovation and Quality

ORGAN is committed to innovation and the introduction of new digital tools as a means of differentiation and service vocation. Thanks to resources such as online administration for all customers, digital certification and automation of processes, we can offer a quality service oriented entirely to the customer.
In 2004 we received the ISO 9001 Quality certification, one more step in the search for the best experience of our employees and customers.

Honesty and Rigor

We can not stop being people. 
A quality service needs honest approaches and exquisite execution. We transmit the family essence in everything we do, offering a close and sincere advice. We believe that new technologies together with a great human team are the key to success for 21st century companies. 
Thanks to long-term approaches, the spirit is recognized in everything we do, customer loyalty and being the main source of recommendation for new ones.

Our trajectory, the ability to adapt to changes, and training in the knowledge of the sector are our best guarantee.

Value and Heritage

We are a company with a vocation for real estate services in its entirety. One of our main objectives is the increase of the patrimonial value of all our clients. From renovations of buildings, buildings, certifications, project management and execution of works, to valuations and advice on the best investments.
We bet on the application of new technologies and the IOT (the Internet of Things) as a tool for prevention, proactivity and satisfaction of our clients’ daily lives.


To offer integral Services of Administration of Fincas and Real Estate Solutions of high quality, of customized form and to a competitive price, destined to improve the life of the people and positively impacting in the development and the creation of value. Always supported by a qualified team and with great human quality. Basing our work on innovation, new technologies and being a sustainable company over time.


To be a leading company in the Real Estate sector; champion technological development and become the main reference to which everyone wants to imitate, join and collaborate.


Honesty, rigor, transparency, teamwork and proximity.