10 useful apps for a family
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10 useful apps for a family

10 useful apps for a family

There are many ways to cope with a family. Some will do it as a soccer team, others as an army platoon and another as a large company. Perhaps this last one is one of the models with greater success, although it turns out at times a bit cold; and to have a successful and well cohesive management of all members of the family, apps have been designed that can help parents manage better.

The first thing to keep in mind is that, as well as managing the time and duties of a company with all its members through programs and apps, it can also be done with the family and even a whole farm, but starting from house, many more contributions can be offered around you. Pay attention to the ten apps that can help you better manage household chores and protect your children.

1. Google Calendar. It is a Google tool that over time has taken greater strength not only within organizations, but also helps people to set schedules and remember appointments and commitments. For the families it will be very good when it comes to organizing who has to take out the trash, or what day it is up to each one to clean the house.

2. Tello. Maybe it can work as an agenda, but in reality it is much more than that. This app is presented as a board or cork where family members can be placing reminders, family events, appointments, etc.

3. MamaBear. This app is designed to protect children from cyberbullying. It is available on iOS and Android. Through it you can monitor the news of your children’s Facebook and alert any signs of harassment.

4. AVG Family Safety. This is a brand of antivirus program and today has designed a program that protects tablets and phones from blocking malicious sites by filtering specifically inappropriate images.

5. React Mobile. This is one of the apps that allows children and other family members to press a button and send a silent alert message informing the location and notifying parents via email and text message.

6. Life360. With this app you can monitor via GPS to family members via mobile, as well as create a chat with all members, to notify tasks or reminders, but it also contains a panic button in case of emergency.

7. Nozbe. Created for companies, but its interface is so friendly that a family can use it to monitor and assign tasks. This app is perfect for organizing household chores and creating an atmosphere of responsibility and friendly discipline.

8. BabyCare. It is for new parents. Through this app you can control the meals, the care you need and the medical appointments that are common during the first months.

9. KidPlace. It is ideal for the most restless children and who are always searching the mobile applications or looking to download new apps. With KidPlace you can control which applications you can play with and if you can download others.

10. Sygic Family. It is another app to locate family members, but its particularity aims to establish safe and unsafe areas.